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For further reference to Chaim Bermant, check out the search engine, GOOGLE which has no less than 107 articles relating to him! Otherwise, try the Jewish Chronicle web site which has archived many of his articles.

Chaim Bermant died on the 20th January 1998. Mordechai Millner designed the Matzeva. It has two beautiful inscriptions which can be viewed on the following site:

Deborah Lipstadt wasn't the only writer to be sued by David Irving...
The following articles (appearing on his web site) are from David Irving to The Observer, Managing Editor, marked URGENT, warning against publishing Chaim Bermant article, July 31, 1992. Plus other references to Chaim Bermant on his site:

...Jewish Chronicle, columnist Chaim Bermant briefly turned his... ...Unit's staff in demand Boost from Bermant:

Geoffrey Wheatcroft: Lock Up the Holocaust Deniers? ...argued eloquently and bravely by Chaim Bermant, who wrote a... ...ingratiation that he liked the idea. As Bermant pointed out, a Holocaust...

Geoffrey Wheatcroft......the Jewish Chronicle, where Chaim Bermant was a voice of gently..

Shavuot...Chaim is quoted with reference to this festival

Although nearly all of Chaim's books are out of print, Amazon may be able to get hold of them for you

The following sites offer some of Chaim's books second hand:

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